New for 2015 – SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ ppaf

SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' ppaf

SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ ppaf

New for 2015 –  World’s very first Sedum x Orostachys hybrid! Nearly seven years ago, Chris carefully crossed a Sedum species with Orostachys and “patiently” awaited the results. Several seedlings emerged from his cross and during the past six years of outdoor field trial evaluations, it was decided to select the best, most compact, darkest pink, and heaviest flowering seedling for introduction.

How do you create a name for an entirely new hybrid genus? Just think of xHeucherella. The new hybrid genus name must include portions of both parent genera. After much nomenclature research and seeking the advice of experts in England, Chris has chosen the name of xSedoro for his new hybrid genus.

SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' foliage on 5-16-14

SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ foliage on 5-16-14

SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ combines the best of both parents! Steel-blue tufted foliage rosettes and numerous lateral branches that elongate away from the center closely resemble the Orostachys parent as seen in this foliage close-up.

SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' & Orostachys parent on left

Orostachys parent on left, SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ on right. NOTE: similar blue-tufted foliage of both



However, unlike Orostachys’ white flower spikes as seen in the picture below, xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ boasts tight clusters of dark pink flowers from its Sedum parentage. SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' 2 inch

As you can see from this close-up taken this past summer on September 25, 2014, the new xSedoro hybrid also blooms several weeks earlier than its Orostachys parent, which still has its flower spike in tight bud.


NEW for 2015 SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' ppaf, pictured on 9-25-14

NEW for 2015-SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ ppaf, pictured on 9-25-14

xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ grows to a very tight and ultra-compact height of only 3″ tall and will reach 15″ wide within one year and is hardy for Zones 4-9. Plants are smothered with hundreds of dark-pink flowers in late summer as shown in the picture above.

SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf', 2 gallon on 9-4-14

SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’, 2 gallon on 9-4-14

SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' on 9-18-14

SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’, 2 gallon on 9-18-14









SunSparkler® xSedoro 'Blue Elf' and team

Tori, Sylvia, Logan, & Chris pictured with SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Blue Elf’ on 9-19-14

Chris and his team have watched and documented the growth details of this new hybrid genus over the past 6 years and are extremely excited to be able to offer this newest member of the SunSparkler® family to fellow growers and home-gardeners across the country! Pictured above is Chris and his team of research assistants: (left to right) Tori, Sylvia & Logan as they display a range of 1-gallon, 2-gallon, & 38-cell plug trays of SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ ppaf.