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Completed SunSparkler® Sedum Rock Garden

Our New SunSparkler® Sedum Rock Garden

Here’s how we took a bare patch of gravel parking lot and turned it into a 3,000 square foot rock garden for show-casing our series of SunSparkler® Sedums. The site for our future rock garden measures 20 feet wide and 150 feet long for a total of 3,000 square feet. Since this has been used […]

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SunSparkler® Sedum 'Lime Twister' & Sedoro 'Blue Elf' drought proof groundcover Sedum

SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Lime Twister’ & Sedoro ‘Blue Elf’ in alpine trough garden

Last Saturday, I thought it would be fun to create a few alpine trough gardens featuring our 2 new SunSparkler® additions for 2015, SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Lime Twister’ and SunSparkler® Sedoro ‘Blue Elf’. I used a variety of Sedums and Sempervivums in this colorful combination. The bright orange in the right-hand corner is my selection of […]

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Press Release – New for 2015, SunSparkler® Sedoro ‘Blue Elf’

You can read all the details about our new addition to the SunSparkler® family of hardy-succulents! This is the FIRST-EVER inter-generic hybrid between Sedum and Orostachys, xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’. Click on the image below for Full Size and easier reading!

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SunSparkler® Sedum 'Firecracker' in Rock Garden

SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Firecracker’ in Rock Garden

We’re in the process of creating a very large 3,000 square foot rock garden at our Research Greenhouses here in west Michigan! We began this process late last summer of 2014 with the delivery of 9 dump-truck loads of soil and over 15 pallets of sandstone for the wall and pathways. In late October, we […]

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New for 2015 – SunSparkler® xSedoro ‘Blue Elf’ ppaf

New for 2015 –  World’s very first Sedum x Orostachys hybrid! Nearly seven years ago, Chris carefully crossed a Sedum species with Orostachys and “patiently” awaited the results. Several seedlings emerged from his cross and during the past six years of outdoor field trial evaluations, it was decided to select the best, most compact, darkest […]

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SunSparkler® Sedum 'Lime Twister' ppaf

New for 2015 – SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Lime Twister’ ppaf

WOW! It has finally happened and we are so excited! One of our best selling groundcover SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Lime Zinger’ has produced a variegated branch sport featuring stunning cream-colored edges on every leaf. We’ve named this wonderfully colorful new groundcover SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Lime Twister’ after its parent ‘Lime Zinger’. This ultra-cool plant was discovered in […]

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SunSparkler® Sedum Dazzleberry on 7-26-13

Summer foliage of SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’

Landscapers and gardeners alike are contacting me with their appreciation of the spring and summer foliage show on SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’. I shot this image showing Dazzleberry in late July of 2013 as it turns a rich purple-blue and is loaded with buds for its upcoming flower show in late August.         […]

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SunSparkler® Sedum Jade Tuffet on 8-24-13

New for 2014 – SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Jade Tuffet’ ppaf

It’s taken nearly 6 years and over 3,000 seedlings to create this exciting new inter-specific hybrid SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Jade Tuffet’.  This newest addition to the SunSparkler® Sedum program was selected for its 14″ tall ultra-compact habit and unique narrow leaves which are smothered in large trusses of dark pink flowers in late summer.     […]

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NEW for 2014 – SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Firecracker’ ppaf

NEW, 6″ tall groundcover SunSparkler® Sedum with shiny cherry-red foliage from April thru November! Plants form 6″ tall and 18″ wide mounds of colorful foliage which combines superbly with other drought-proof perennials. Firecracker’s compact habit also allows for a multitude of uses including mixed container plantings on your deck, edging along walkways, and green roof […]

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Colorful Foliage on SunSparkler® Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’

‘Dazzleberry’ was selected not only for its giant 8″ raspberry flowerheads, but also for its pearl-blue foliage which changes colors and intensifies throughout the growing season. This first picture shows the bright spring & early summer foliage color.           This close-up allows you to see the contrasting pink-red stem coloration against […]

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